Manual Contes de Noël (Annoté et illustré) (French Edition)

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  1. Mlle Fifi Nouveaux Contes by Guy de Maupassant
  2. Contes De Noel by Ch Dickens
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Mlle Fifi Nouveaux Contes by Guy de Maupassant

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Les couronnes de l'exil PDF Download.

Contes De Noel by Ch Dickens

Les philosophes anciens PDF Online. Les trois petits cochons PDF Online. Papa se marie maman aussi PDF Kindle. PDF Comptines pour petit toi: version tablette Download. Charpentier - Mono Travieso ayuda al Sr. New edition printed forty-seven years after the original Features several plates depicting English monarchs and political figures. Illustrated with an engraved plate and two engraved vignettes. Collated, missing the final eight pages.

It played for the first time in the private theater of the Hotel de la Duchesse de Villeroy in An uncommon copy of J. Morand's treatise on fires. About the thermal properties of coal and the heating and ventilation of houses. Jean Franois Clment Morand Paris taught anatomy and obstetrics Concernant la Rgie du Droit sur les Cartes.

Published by the Royal printer in Paris. A collection of edicts, declarations, Includes a chapter that translates as 'The Illness that God Intends'. Also features various tables for reference. A scarce edition of Raynal's famous Histoire Philosophique et Politique. Bound in leather with gilt lettering and decoration. With Four Maps.

A collection of educational lecutres and lessons from French philosopher and epistemologist Etienne Bonnot de Condillac. De Condillac became a tutor at the court of Parma, and his Cours d'Etudes were written for the Franoise Bertaut de Motteville c. A copy of Alletz's popular agricultural reference book. Derniere edition. Alletz spent some years living The writings are on several aspects of society such as God, Man, Science, A bright, scarce set of the Works of Madame Riccoboni.

Bound in half leather and marbled paper-covered boards, with gilt lettering and decoration. One of Two Volumes. Around for both volumes. A scarce first edition of this work by the French inventor of pasigraphy, written during the year of the French Revolution. First Edition. Presumed first. A scarce edition of this picaresque novel by Alaine-Rene Lesage.

Bookplate of George Groves to front pastedowns. With engraved frontispieces to each volume. Gil Blas is related to Lesage's play Turcaret A comprehensive dictionary of engravers In French. Containing the main engravers, and a catalogue of their best works, from the beginning to the present day [].

Arranged chronologically, and divided by school. Tome premier A French description of the series of erotic engraved plates, depicting pairs of lovers in different positions of intercourse. The plates depict couples Signed by Mercier. Prior to this translation A description of the different nervous disorders of the sexes, and their treatments, written in French. Sixth edition. Published whilst the author was in Switzerland, having fled France after the Revolution.

The Georgics A scarce edition of this mathematics textbook intended for military usage.

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This is the first of two parts; though capable of standing alone, which purports to cover 'elements of arithmetic' - in fact containing much more material Second edition. With notes on grammar and pronunciation. Two volumes of this work aimed at children. Title pages attribute authorship Impremees sur le Manuscrit autographie de l'Auteur'. Includes the publishers signature opposite the title page which was Volume III of a three part set. Felix Vicq d'Azyr 23 April - 20 June was a French physician and anatomist, the originator of comparative anatomy and Leatherbound volume.

Le Horla, Guy de Maupassant (texte, illustrations et audio)

Lindley Murray 7 June 16 January , grammarian, was born in a house near his father's mill, just north of Harper Tavern in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, 18 miles northeast of Harrisburg. He was the The first two volumes of Christoph Wilhelm von Kochs survey of political upheaval in Europe since the Roman Empire, the first edition. In the s Koch was a successful and popular teacher at the University of Strasbourg. Featuring an engraved portrait frontispiece.

Includes the funeral orations of Henriette-Marie de France, Pome en cinq chants, Suivie Du Premier Navigatuer. Illustrated with eight engraved plates. Solomon Gessner - was a Swiss A medical study on the diseases which affect women at 'the critcal age' menopause by medical student E. With a second dissertation bound to the rear, entitled "L'Imagination des Femmes enceintes contribue A collection of the plays of Voltaire.

An illustrated History of France. The third volume only. Illustrated, with seven full page plates of historical scenes and artefacts. A nineteenth-century copy of the official dictionary of the French language. In a lovely patinated leather binding. A smart set. Fifth edition. A collection of the fables of L. With an index in English to the rear.

An early edition of de Jouy's collected famous satirical sketches. Lucien Bonaparte's epic poem on the life and reign of Charlemagne. A nineteenth-century copy of Fenelon's best-known work, The Adventures of Telemachus, written to fill the gap in Homer's Odyssey. Leather bound with paper covered boards. A first edition, first printing, printed in French but in London. An English edition was published later in the year by the same publishers An English translation of the second edition of Conversations d'Emilie, which was given the award for most useful publication of by the French Academy.

With an engraved frontispiece. A fifteen volume set of the satirical works of manners by Etienne de Jouy. Works not issued as a set by publisher but uniformly bound. Contains various mixed editions of the 'L'Hermite' works by Etienne de Jouy under the collected titles Featuring illustrations of famous Greek figures throughout, this book was originally written as a book for juvenile students of Greek history A collection of essays on morality in literature, including the place of narration, dialogue, descriptions and more. Second edition As almost the father of a kind of literature An early nineteenth-century historical work from Francois Clement on the dating of historical items and monuments.

A very scarce genealogical dictionary of the origins of the French nobility. Revealing the true "ducs, marquis, comtes vicomtes et barons". With a preface to each volume by Nicholas Viton de St. Allais, a French genealogist and A scarce first edition of this novel by Victor Ducange.

Victor Ducange was a French novelist and playwright who produced over 60 novels and other works in his lifetime. A history of Italy with many beautiful engravings. Deuxieme edition. This interesting work charts the history of Italy from the Barbarian invasions to the time of publication in This is an interesting Six pamphlets containing French and Italian legal reports and records. Morgan was one of the most vivid An uncommon edition of this French physics volumeby Francouis Sulpice Beudant.

Jean-Nicolas Bouilly was a French playwright, librettist and children's writer. He was a politician of the French Revolution but was best Jean Francois Marmontel was a French historian and writer and member of the Encylopediste movement, which promoted the advancement Handsome full red leather binding with gilt and blind tooled detail to spine and boards.

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Includes portrait frontispiece. In French! An elegantly bound eighteen volume edition of Harpe's famous essays, Cours de Litterature. Direct from the library at Newton Hall, the 18th century country house and estate in Northumberland, with a pencil shelfmark to the front Two leatherbound volumes with marble paper covered boards and gilt titles to the spine. It received A very scarce work on physiology. With ink stamps of the Birmingham Medical Institute to title page and endpapers.

Volume IV only. Bookplate of John Davies, M. A French treaty with paper spine. This is a French treaty regarding public passages, roads, towpaths and footpaths, streets etc. A scarce collection of short tales from Pauline Guizot, wife of the famous historian Francois Guizot. Illustrated with five engraved plates. Two volumes bound in one. The complete three volumes of Clement Marot's works. With a portrait frontispiece of Marot to volume I. Clement Marot was a French poet of the Renaissance era.

He began his career in the time of the Rhetoriqueurs, A scarce French language volume on the regulation of waterways by Alfred Daviel. Daviel was a French lawyer who was later appointed Minister of Justice in the last cabinet of the Second Republic. He was a noted supported of the Bonaparte Louis Philippe, comte de Segur was a French diplomat and historian, broadly sympathetic to the Revolution of As such, he would become a An early nineteenth century Parisian edition of Scarron's picaresque romance.

Avec une notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de l'auteur; Nouvelle Edition ornee du portrait de Scarron et d'un fac simile de son ecriture. Complete in The first volume in a French language, thirty volume set on French history. Written by Guizot during his tenure as Professor of Modern History at the Sorbonne, this particular volume focusses on the founding of the French monarchy in A collection of French songs from the early nineteenth century, with sheet music to the rear.

With engraved frontispiece and vignette title page. Prepared in secret by the three children of Lady Francis Wedderburn and performed in the Theatre at L'hotel de Noailles in October An attractively bound collection of the works of Plutarch, in French. In a cathedral-style Thouvenin binding.

An Annotated Bibliography

Including Fabius Maximus, Nicias, Ciceron and many others. Printed in two columns. A french medical text, detailing the use of Chemistry in relation to medicine. With numerous illustrative diagrams to the rear. Volume One of Two. An Italian translation of a French romantic novel.

The author of this work is not known. With an introduction by Giovanni Rosini. Rosini was an Italian writer and Professor of Italian Literature Divided into two parts. This is Foulan's best-known work. Corneille 20 August 8 December was a French dramatist. With a presentation bookplate A scarce Nineteenth Century guide to Falaise, France. Situated in the Basse-Normandie region of northwestern France, the town is notable for being the birthplace of William the Conquerer, and has a castle of his in the area. A scarce history of the reign of Charles X and his family.

A scarce work of French literature in a decorative calf binding. With the armorial bookplate of William Phillips to the front pastedowns. Leon de Villeran is associated with French playwright Armand-Jean Written by Amedee Pichot, a French novelist, With an illustrated frontispiece and an additional two plates. Jean-Nicolas Bouilly was a French playwright, librettist, children's writer.

Some of Bouilly's work has been Including information on anatomy, pathology, surgery, childbirth, botanical and medical therapy, A new edition of this short novel from Swiss author, Isabelle de Montolieu. Bound by R. A finely bound edition of the picaresque masterpiece Gil Blas illustrated by famous French lithographer and illustrator Jean Gigoux.

With illustrations by Jean Gigoux. A nineteenth-century edition of the picaresque masterpiece Gil Blas. Gil Blas is considered to be the last masterpiece of the picaresque genre. Gil Blas is related to Lesage's play Turcaret With small vignette illustrations throughout. The scarce fifth edition of this collection of poetry from celebrated French authors. With engraved frontispiece. Including poems by Horace, Racine, La Fontaine and many more.

The eighth volume of the works of Honor Gabriel Riqueti, comte de Mirabeau. Mirabeau 9 March 2 April was a French revolutionary, as well as a writer, diplomat, journalist and French politician. He was a popular The first edition of this dictionary of recipes, ingredients, and cooking techniques. Complete with the eleven engraved plates to the rear Vicaire only calls for eight. Needs a rebind ideally as this is a very important Bound in half leather with gilt detailing to the spine, marble paper covered board, marbled foredge, and marble paper pastedowns.

This is a dictionary of Latin words with French translations. This is volume 1 only of a 2 volume The book tells the true story of Marie-Aimee Gillet, born in Richelieu in Charles Paul de Kock was a French novelist. His bibliography was extensive having written over A full mottled leather binding, with engraved frontispiece, illustrated title page and full page plate internally.

A french short story, referred to as the new Robinson Crusoe, written in fourteen chapters. Fragonard has drawn intricate borders for every page of the book, alongside a frontispiece A nicely bound copy of this famous novel by Xavier-Boniface Saintine An early edition of this novel, which was first published in With a vignette to title page. In the original French A fourth edition of Nougaret's scarce Aventures les plus Remarquables des Marins. Fourth Edition. Pierre-Jean-Baptiste Nougaret, , was a French man of letters A novel by French author Frederic Soulie Complete in two volumes, bound as one.

Frederic Soulie was a popular French novelist and playwright. In total his bibliography With an illustrated frontispiece to each volume. Two volumes bound as one. Written by Francois Mignet, a French journalist and historian of the Text is in French. With a life of Le Sage by Jules Janin. Includes a frontispiece and a decorative half title. An English translation of this story of a condemned prisoner from Victor Hugo.