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Giving a frank portrayal of topics such as gang rape, prostitution and homosexuality, the book was the subject of an obscenity trial in the UK. Fear of Flying , Erica Jong. A trip to Vienna with her husband leads her to explore her fantasies with other men. Wifey is definitely not for children, with its tale of a bored New Jersey housewife looking to spice up her life by having an affair.

How Strong Is the Female Sex Drive After All?

Exit to Eden , Anne Rice. Protagonist Lisa Kelly is the manager of a secluded BDSM resort that offers its rich clientele an exotic location where they can play out their fantasies.

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As head trainer of the submissive slaves , Kelly gets her pick of the new talent and a burgeoning romance blossoms. Bad Behaviour , Mary Gaitskill. Depicting a disenfranchised urban fringe generation, the stories deal with sexual humiliation, dislocation and masochism. As much about the appalling emotional games men and women play as it is about the sex. Baise-Moi , Virginie Despentes. When Victor spots Kelly in a Liverpool bar at the end of an evening of millennial celebrations, the two embark on a sex-fuelled, sadomasochistic relationship.

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Cannes: Four Polish Female Directors Embark on ‘Erotica 2022’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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I could see the light from the TV flickering in the wetness between her legs. I felt a jealous streak go through my body watching her between Larry and Tad. My heart started pounding knowing what she would soon be doing to these guys. He tensed for a second then spread his legs so she could get a better hold of his cock.

Tad finally looked down and I saw the bulge growing in his short pants. Her pussy cum was starting to run down her leg toward the couch. Tad looked over at me I guess to see what my expression was. I smiled at him looked at her pussy and nodded my head at him. He reached down and slid his fingers over her wet pussy through the slit in her panties and I heard that wet sloshing sound. All of us got up and headed for the bedroom. When we got to the bedroom Joanna slid her shirt off and let her mini skirt drop to the floor.

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I sat in the rocking chair in the corner so I could just watch a while. My heart was pounding so hard I felt dizzy.

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Larry slid his shorts off and his huge cock was fully erect. Joanna laid down on the bed on her back and Larry slid next to her and started by giving her a deep kiss while feeling her tits with his hand. She had no way of know if it was Tad or me taking them off, which was a great turn-on for me. I returned to the chair in the corner holding the pussy cum soaked panties in my hand. Tad leaned down and kissed the front part of her pussy which caused her to spread her legs wide.

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In all of our years of marriage I had never seen her so wet and ready. Tad began licking and sucking her swollen pussy lips. Joanna was moving her hips in a circular motion and moaning while still locked in her kiss with Larry. She grabbed Tad by the shoulders and pulled him up toward her and began licking the pussy cum off of his lips.

She then pushed him on his back and slid his short pants off along with his underwear. He was about as long as I am but it looked bigger do to him not being as tall as me. I took off my shorts and started jacking off slowly watching them going wild on my wife and I enjoying every minute of it. Tad started moaning loud and stiffening up. He told Joanna that he was ready to cum. She just made a Mmmmm sound when he told her that. He started bucking and she jacked him off faster and faster until he exploded in her mouth. Tad laid there on his back in exhaustion and I could see his cock still pulsating as she milked ever drop she could out off it.

Joanna was ready to cum again with Larry licking her pussy. She started moaning loudly and bucking as he tried keeping up with her movements. She grabbed the blankets in her fists as she came real hard. Larry rolled her onto her stomach and motioned for Tad to push his cock into her.

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Tad was still hard from the blow job she had just finished giving him and climbed on top of her and slid his cock deep inside her wet pussy from behind, and she let out a load moan of ecstasy. He started pumping real hard meeting her backward thrusts. Both her and Tad were moaning loudly and after only a few moments Tad erupted inside of her.

What It’s Like to Get an Erotic Massage for New York Women

He kept pumping for about another minute until she came. Tad rolled off of her and Larry took his place. He slid into her easily even though he was at least 3 inches longer than Tad or me.

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It was making such a sloshing sound and cum was dripping all over the bed with each thrust they made together. I had taken about all the watching I could and stood and walked toward the bed. Larry saw me standing there and turned Joanna toward me so she could take my hard cock into her mouth, which she did. When Larry would thrust into her pussy my cock would go deeper in her mouth.

She moaned every time Larry rammed his cock into her. I looked down at her face and her eyebrows were scrunched together and she was having a hard time concentrating on sucking my cock. Larry started pulling that familiar face and I knew he was ready to cum deep inside my wife. She was moaning around my cock and I felt my ball sack tighten up as the cum started running out of me into her mouth. Her moaning felt so great around my cock, especially knowing that it was Larry pounding her that was making her moan!

I think we all three came at the same time. After I shot about what seemed like a quart of cum in her mouth I pulled away because it tickled so bad. The last squirt went in her hair and on her shoulders. She reached behind her with both hands and grabbed Larry by the ass and pulled him as deep into her as she could. Larry squeezed both of her tits in his hands as he came with a vengeance.

Larry collapsed on her back with his cock still deep inside of her. I laid down on one side of them because Tad was on the other.

Man’s World - Full Episode 01

Tad moved closer to Joanna and started stroking her hair with his fingers. She laid there and smiled with her eyes closed. He moved closer and was giving her small kisses on her lips and forehead. Larry rolled onto his back and his cock slipped out of her wet pussy. I saw a bunch of cum start running out of her pussy down her leg and onto the bed. About a half hour later I woke to the sound of sloshing and Tad was making love to Joanna while Larry and I were resting.

I laid and watched and listened until they both climaxed again. Then I dozed off again. After he climaxed and rolled off her I got to make love to her for the first time of the evening. She got on top of me and I slid into her drenched pussy. With each stroke gobs of cum would run out of he pussy and down my cock and was getting my balls completely soaked.

My cock was so numb from being so hard and excited it was almost hard to cum again. Somewhere around AM Larry and Tad left our apartment. Tad gave Joanna a big kiss and told he that was the best evening he had ever had and would remember it the rest of his life. As Larry kissed her goodbye he asked if we were going to have another barbeque soon. Joanna laughed and said it would take her about a week to recover from this one but then she would be ready. We went to bed without saying too much because we were both tired.

I laid there watching her as she slept and thinking how lucky I am to have such a sexy wife that will do anything to fulfill my fantasies. Enjoyed this sex story? Read other free sex stories. Hot Sexual Topics. Holistic Wisdom, Inc. Seduction Tips. Sexual Resources. Buy Sex Toys. Sex Toy Facts. Sex Toy Guide. Nontoxic Sex Toys. Sex Techniques. Luxury Sex Toys. Sex Toy Reviews. Sex Toy Sales.