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4 steps to become rich anyone can take

According to Sy, there is no such thing as overnight success or easy money. When you do well, do not change your ways. Success is not just good luck: It is a combination of hard work, good credit standing, opportunity, readiness, and timing. Success will not last if you do not take care of it. You have to dream, whether big or small. Then plan, focus, work hard and be very determined to achieve your goals.

He worked his way through college studying Chemistry but quit before graduating, set up a business that deals with scrap in the late s and later on found a job in a tobacco factory where he was tasked to buy leaf tobacco in the Ilocos provinces. Now, Lucio Tan is one of the richest man in the country owning the biggest companies in the Philippines in various industries. Tan once cited: Even the accomplished suffers setbacks sometimes.

The more bitter the lessons, the greater the successes will be. This inspiring quote will teach us not to dwell on bitterness in life but treat those as inspiration for greater success. John Gokongwei life story is another rags-to-riches success story of a true Filipino Taipan entrepreneur. Like Lucio Tan, he was also born in Fujian province, China.

Summit Holdings, Inc. Gokongwei Jr. He was born with a silver spoon. Unfortunately, one day, all these things he enjoyed were taken away from him when his father died. With his determination and hard work now, John Gokongwei Jr. The important thing to know is that life will always deal us a few bad cards, but we have to play those cards the best we can.

And we can play to win. This was one lesson I picked up when I was a teenager. It has been my guiding principle ever since. When I wanted something, the best person to depend on was myself. I was using a forum called Pixel2Life at the time where I found a young programmer aged This made readers think the adverts were real content. That said, it does not make it right and I am glad that Google clamped down on it.

They told me it was badly programmed which caused huge issues with my server and finally they shut us down. After moving to a new host, I found I still had the same problem and shortly after that I got contacted by Adsense , telling me that the site was banned from the program. Then there was a decline of interest in the template pack so in the end I decided to shut down the site down and begin on my next project.

Biggest Lesson Learned : It is well worth the money hiring a professional. I decided to hire a 13 year old programmer who was cheap but lacked the skills to create a robust website that could handle a lot of traffic. I decided to give it another try in a similar but more mature market. My original idea for Retireat21 was some sort of social site and in fact at the beginning it went really well. Each user had a profile page, could leave comments, vote up and down young entrepreneurs and we also had a big contest. Along with that I added pages about creating your own website and business and a bunch of other cool options.

The most exciting day was when I release my young entrepreneur rich list and received over 50, visitors in one day and I was mentioned in news papers around the world and was mentioned in AOL and Yahoo news along with of other sites. I even ended up appearing in a leading Brazilian Newspaper.

Over the years we have worked hard to restructure the site and in do plan to make the move to a new design and to use WordPress for all of the site — not just the Young Entrepreneurs Blog. Not sure how many of my IncomeDiary readers know about this — but another life-changing experience. I always enjoyed WebDesignDev. With so many people asking me how I created Retireat Add that to the demand for more interviews and lists in a broader niche then just young entrepreneurs, IncomeDiary was born.

To get the full scoop on how I created IncomeDiary and how you can create a similar blog, check out this post. Biggest Lesson Learned : Consistency is important for success! If you take your eye of the ball, your level of success will drop. Early in I went back to Webdesigndev. I was also fortunate to find a young writer who was interested in the web design niche and willing to write for a revenue share. This made a big difference and we were able to bring the site from 30, visitors monthly to , As some of you know — I sold WebdesignDev. I just did not have the time to take WebdesignDev to the next level which is why I sold the site.

For me I find it better to concentrate on the sites that make me the most money right now — rather than distracting myself with lower earning sites. That is the case for me right now — I am not necessarily suggesting that will be the case for you. I was fortunate enough to start my online business very young. I now realise I started my business with very little in the way of overheads — after-all I was still living at home with my parents. A significant advantage for sure but then I was no A Grade Student and I really struggled because of my dyslexia — so in many ways starting an online business was more difficult for me.

You see I was fortunate that early on in my online career I met and hung out with some of the most successful people online such as: Yanik Silver , James Schramko , Ryan Lee and Alex Jeffreys. So many people get disillusioned when their first blog or online business does not work out as they expected — and make the fatal mistake of giving up. As I have said in previous blog posts recently you have to be prepared to invest in yourself, educate yourself if you ever hope to move from being a Wannabe Blogger to an A List Blogger.

Give yourself an unfair advantage — get yourself a coach, a mentor or join a Mastermind. That has been the single biggest influence on my own online success. I was looking for a story that might inspire those of you who are considering giving up or who are disillusioned and I came across this one:. I hope you enjoyed this post — I believe passionately in helping as many people as possible to succeed online.

Actually as I read it I actually impress myself — It makes me wonder just what could be possible to achieve in next 4 years — when I reach age It seemed to fit in well with my strategy — hopefully it will inspire you also. Your posts, Michael, are always ones I look forward to.

I know I am going to learn and be inspired. You seem to have learned so much in such a short amount of time and what definitely comes through while reading your post, is your determination and attitude towards risk. Awesome story Michael. Very inspiring as usual. You tell it how it is without the hype. Thanks so much. I am glad and really proud of your post, I wish I read something like this just two years back! This is a great post and I find it really interesting when people reveal all the other projects they have been involved in the past, whether successful or unsuccessful.

Like you I have had my fingers in many pies over the years but it makes it all the more satisfying when you settle on something you are comfortable with, enjoy the most and KNOW it is going to be your most successful venture of them all! First time here Michael, but this is a great post. I have gone similar stages and as you said If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. I really, really loved this post.

Thank you for the encouragement and for sharing your time line of successes and failures. The depth in which you explained your time line was really informative. Just have to get in the groove of writing on it often. Hi Michael, Great post. I always find those who strive to succeed despite their many falls and disappointments inspirational.

An amazing character who really struggled then succeeded. Very inspiring stuff Michael. In addition to my newbie blog, I also started out on eBay and still sell there. Amazing post Michael! Very well written and really motivational. I especially liked the way you ended with the story of Abraham Lincoln. As always, its a pleasure to read your posts! Thanks Rachna, always great to hear from you.

Your site was a great inspiration for WebDesignDev. Micheal Thanks for sharing your story. Its gives me lots of confidence and I can say that I can achieve success. Entrepreneur differs from business men in certain points. A truly fantastic and inspiring blog post buddy! Personally, I am really happy for you and the success that you have managed to create online. Now knowing that things were not always so great and that a considerable amount of failure and learning from mistakes has been one of the main reasons for your success, this gives me a lot of hope.

I found Income Diary in December and it has helped me to understand just what I am getting myself into, as I am sure it will continue to. Very encouraging Michael…i have wanted to start bloggin for a while now. I now know all i need is a consistent change in direction. This is a great read, it really shows how people make up their own story for people because of perceptions, but they forget about the failures and hardwork one must endure to get to the point of becoming a credible source.

50 Warren Buffett Quotes on Investing, Life & Success | Rule #1 Investing

I guess sometimes it is better to forget the hardwork and to understand that it is not going to be an easy ride, but it will be fun, educational and benefical. Well done Michael, no one realizes the hard work that goes into an online business, they just see the finished product.

How I Went From Broke To Millionaire In Less Than Two Years. This Is My Story - PART ONE

Great post! Inspirational story, Michael. What a post! Indeed overnight success! Thank you so much. It was interesting to see where you came from before this site, and it also makes you seem more human lol. Dude, thanks for leveling with me. I have gone through many endeavors, though a heck of a lot more half-hearted than yours.

I second that buddy! Good things will certainly come to those who learn from their mistakes and persist with their dreams! It is great to be seeing and reading about all of your websites. It is where I learned almost every Photoshop technique that I know now. So I think everybody really needs to understand that although his previous projects have developed Michael into the man he is now, they have also developed other people and perhaps is the reason why some of us are doing what we are. We often look at the destination and overlook the journey.

You are a lot younger than I am but I must say your lessons are beyond your years not just learning how to earn online but the spirit of giving back. GREAT post! The fact that you kept at in and simply moved on to the next thing clearly is what we all need to remember. LOVE this site…. Michael, Talk about full disclosure! You have a unique gift of combining humility with an authority and certainty that is impressive. And you demonstrate how good you are at learning from your challenges. Valuable information and insight for any aspiring entrepreneur!

I am currently working with someone that you mentioned you met and hung out with early on, Alex Jeffreys. So far, so good! I really enjoyed reading this, Michael! Fantastic article. Thanks for taking the time to write and sharing your real experience. So many people always assume that success came easy to those who have it, when in reality, success was the accumulation of many trials and errors. Truly inspiring. I remember starting Webdevtuts because you inspired me with your success and others entrpnuers success. The thing that got me the most that you stated was do whats you love and dont think about the priz.

I did that and look at it, 7 months later going better than ever before. You are a really guy with the willness to work and make others work in their domain.. COol the story is quiet inspirational…. Hello Michael, It seems that all great minds have had their ups and downs. Reading your business history makes me look at mine and to be inspired to keep going despite all the things that have gone wrong and like you said to learn your lessons from your mistakes.

One of the best and inspirational post i have seen today. Thanks a lot Michael, its an amazing experience to learn from failures and success. I have a similar story but it starts in a total different way, would love to share it someday soon : , cheers and good luck. I can honestly say with Michael is what you see is what you get. Their is no hidden agenda. Nothing in life is easy. We all have to work hard for the things we want in life. As usual awesome post and inspirational.

7 Secrets of Self-Made Multimillionaires

Michael, I always like your posts and often get impressed about how hard work you have done…. But still how hard you tried…. I was searching a Mastermind for helping me in my future…. Without a response you are giving consent to run with things you know will never work. You are validating a future of continually shooting yourself in the foot. There is no harm in being honest, however, there can be a great deal of pain when you let others decide things for you. Remember, if you want to be successful in business, it requires a team with a crystal clear sense of vision and impact.

Stop seeking constant approval from others. Building your dream team, hire the best lawyers, accountants, etc. Never miss a meeting. If you were in a car accident and broke your leg, drag it to the board room. If a meeting is requested or scheduled, you make it. Never complain about the date or time, or how inconvenient it was for you.

It goes right back to being accountable and being committed. Time matters more than money. Most businessmen today drastically underestimate the value of time. Be a strong leader and a constant student. Great leaders make sense of change in the world, and proceed to share that insight with their team. You are paid in life for what you can get others to do for you. Your job as a leader is to attract smart employees to work for you! Remember, the brainpower of the group will always trump that of just one individual. Though, you should never stop trying to become qualified for the job.

Get great people on your bus. Most businesses end up morphing into other industries while starting out. Put them all through a doofus test. Stress them and judge their reaction to pressure when being a high-performance person is demanded of them. When you have big problems, put your best people on them; you will be confident in doing so.

Choose your battles. When warranted, choose your venue and choose to be the plaintiff. Use mock trials to your advantage. Bring your wife to the front row every day, children as well, if allowed, and other members of your family in the second row. If you find a team that consistently wins, stay with them. Remember to keep in close contact with your lawyer, preferably once a month. Elect for jury trials rather than a judge only. To show respect for the judge and jury, dress conservatively. That means a white shirt, simple tie, dark suit and no jewelry other than your wedding band.

When it comes to recorded videos in court and in depositions, look at the camera. The same is true for the jury and judge, make eye constant. Remember, honesty is key! Never talk in public about the case, regardless of where you are at, someone may very well overhear your conversation.

The new middlemen

That includes press, who may misinterpret your words while in a hurry. Perfection equals paralysis. You could spend an entire year putting together the perfect business plan, only to see it fail after being put in action. Even small things like picking out the right font, color, messaging, etc. A good plan today is always better than a great plan you execute next week. By then, well, it just might be too late. The truth is, conventional wisdom is almost always wrong in the first place. Every problem solved will eventually be replaced by a much larger one.

Even with careful planning, external circumstances and events can create chaos. Understand that progress often masquerades itself as trouble. Never opt for the easy, Band-Aid solution; it will eventually peel off. Instant gratification can get in the way of your goals, avoid that. Being a super successful businessman is NOT for every man. Most of them made money putting asses in seminar seats and pushing book sales, NOT in business.

They love to pump out misinformation which gives you no chance to succeed. A strong drink and a good f-ck would kill most them. Kiss a lot of frogs. If you want to see success you must always be kissing frogs! Twenty women may turn down your request to take them home for the night, but the twenty-first woman may very well agree. What divides the men from the boys is persistence and focus. Very few are willing to make a thousand phone calls when it comes to getting financing.

After a handful of rejections, most men quit. ALL of them, excuses! There is a sucker out there who will invest in anything, including your idea, but only if you take the time to find them first. Expand in a down cycle. Yet, the rest of the world believes this may really be the end. Understand that building wealth at the levels most men can never fathom about, means buying small companies, rolling them into one, puffing your company up like a fat hog, and selling it at the market. When you stop expanding, so does your success. Take for instance this very moment, interest rates are incredibly low.

Banks are flush with cash, literally waiting for you to come and take it. It reminds me of the housing crash years ago. Pay yourself and your employees first. That includes through all economic cycles. Share your wealth with your dream team, do it with cash, equity, options or wants that are tangible rewards for performance and loyalty.

Pull cash out the company, enjoy the lifestyle you and your family have earned. When the time comes, they are shocked. If you are over 40 and in an upmarket, sell your business. You might not be around long enough to see another one. Know how to negotiate. Place the deal inside of them nearest to your own interests. Remember, a deal has to sound good before it is good! Respect the gentleman on the other side of the table. All ideas are worthless until put into action. You are standing in your own acres of diamonds. It churns out ideas, day after day. On the other end of the spectrum here, even the most bizarre of ideas can often be profitable.

Who would have ever thought pet rocks or even the plastic grocery bag with the smile on it, could be multi-million dollar ideas in reality? The people who took action did, and guess what, they succeeded. Can you imagine how many people called them crazy in the process? How many times they got rejected and ridiculed? Go from idea to execution the right way.

Identify the idea. It could be expanding your revenue or forming a new joint venture partner and so on. Then investigate again to see if it is what you think it is. The second time, use different people from within your organization. Commit to the idea. In that scenario, sh-t can it! Share the obsession and start living it. Discuss how great it will be, how great it will be for America, for whatever.

You live it and you breathe it, and you share it with others. It becomes your whole life. Walk the talk. Never share your doubts with anyone, ever! Not your wife, mistress, etc. You WILL have a lot of doubts, however, you must be a bulldog.

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Put together a critical path. Your team of decision makers will do this, not you! They are the ones who are going to have to implement and execute it. Stay out of it! Create a detailed timeline. Continually measure every single thing. Your other decision-makers will implement the plan. They keep focused and follow up at subordinate levels. This is the grunt work, the real work. It means laser beam focus without deviation and no blinders. You lead from the front, it is the only thing in your life.

Never second-guess your subordinates, as they will make mistakes at all levels and lots of them. Only step in and override when you believe it will take down the company. Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong. It comes in many different forms. However, you MUST remain focused on the positive. Keep your eyes set far down the road. Always investigate people before you go into business with them. Assume people are honest and that they will deal with you fairly.

When you discover they are not, the rules change entirely. Spend a few thousand dollars to see if that person is no good. Hire real investigators. Every penny you spend will be worth it. Establish a line of credit. A fourteen-year-old child can have an American Express card. Any moron on the face of the planet can get one. You must start thinking in terms of fishing with nets, not lines. Doing thirty deals and closing multiple houses, instead of buying one at a time. Most refuse to do twenty or thirty deals at a time because they are afraid of what happens when more than one gets approved.

Never go into a bank with a business plan. On the first meeting, you must show up with nothing. No papers! Tell them to redact and black out the names. Remember, business plans are NOT set in stone, at best there are wild ass guesses. The same is true for when you estimate how much financial cash you will need.

The Secret Language and Behaviors of Wealth

When you borrow money, borrow big bucks. If you need ten thousand, borrow fifty! Always borrow more than you believe you will need. When it comes to 1, 3 or 5 over prime, it should NOT make a difference in your deal.