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Pop Choral Series

Thank you Anne for your suggestions! I had not thought about Lean On Me — such a good song! Copyright is a very important issue. If you are asking about copyright for school classrooms, consult the staff at your school for information on this. Again, check with your schools administrators for details on this. I would imagine if you put a slideshow together for the end of the year and tied it in with an end of the year lesson, it could work.

As for dance teachers, they purchase licenses so they may play music. There is a wonderful article detailing how this works at The Dance Buzz. Thank you! I imagine Home will become even more popular from all of the air play it has received on the Olympics. Such a great song. All my kids had that played at pre-K to K graduation….

Graduation Song - Vitamin C - Lyrics

Love that song Jackie. There is also another song called Forever Young by Lisbeth Scott that is really sweet. I am adding the link above. This is so great!! Do you make copies for parents? If you do how do you handle copywrite? The parents and children got to watch it at an end of year celebration.

20 Best Graduation Songs of the Last 20 Years – Rolling Stone

Each family received a cd with the pictures from the slideshow, but without music. It was still a great keepsake. Hope this helps! Great song Susie! Thank you so much for sharing. I will get the song added to the list. Do you know of any songs in Spanish that would be appropriate for a kindergarten program slide show? Thank you for stopping by Kathy. Looking forward to checking out that song. That is a new one to me. Thank you for sharing. I still get tearful every time I hear it! I called iTunes and they said that the music would only play on the device that I downloaded the music on.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide. We used it in our graduation slideshow, and they still sing it all the time. I used the version from the Katinas which is great as well! How do you handle copyright laws? Do you pass the slideshows out to the students or do you use them for just classroom use? How did you go about getting at least 40 singers on board? It was about trying to piece everything together in a spreadsheet and figure out where the blanks were. As well as the alumni, we also brought on board some friends of the choir who sing with other choirs in the city. Why do you think people were so keen to take part?

I think the reputation of the Cathedral Choir has also grown quite considerably over recent years and given its wonderful acoustic, the opportunity to sing in the Cathedral is really appealing for a lot of singers. You worked with the Helix Ensemble for this piece. Can you tell me about the group and your experience working with them?

We worked with the Helix Ensemble for the first time in the B Minor Mass concert last year, and they seemed to really enjoy it. They seemed to get a lot out of working with us as a Cathedral Choir and some of the players who joined us for Tobias and the Angel last June were still buzzing about the Bach. They are a wonderful group of people to work with.

Series Collections

What was the thinking behind having step-out soloists from the choir for Dixit , rather than bringing soloists in like for the Bach? With the nature of Dixit Dominus , I thought it would be good to offer those solos to members of the choir who were singing in the concert. I was really blown away by the dedication to learning the music and wanting to work on the music before the concert to get it completely right and to do it justice.

The concert was a sell-out with lots of people buying tickets on the door for seats with no view of the choir. I know just from anecdotal feedback that we had before and after the concert, that people wanted to hear Spem in Alium live, so that was quite a huge draw.

What was the biggest challenge about the whole concert? Definitely getting Spem together. I had no idea. What were the highlights of the concert for you? The response to Spem was incredible.

Graduation (Friends Forever)

The applause went on for quite a long time. You could see that people were visibly moved, and then they gave us a standing ovation. It was overwhelming really, when you think, actually yeah that was something quite special. You could sense, from where I was anyway, that people were transported and were having a very rich experience, be that spiritual, musical, religious…there was a lot going on, and it reminded me why I do live music, and why I enjoy working with choirs in that building.

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I was also very proud of the soloists in Dixit , particularly with some of the soloists who had come on quite a long journey in the weeks beforehand in developing their performances and then knocking it out the park in the concert. That was really great. The concert as a whole seemed to have quite a profound impact on people in a variety of ways.

It reminded me that what we do as a Cathedral Choir is actually quite important and reaches way beyond the So what would you like to do next? That would be telling! What are the best things about being Director of Music at Nottingham Cathedral? How and when did you become composer-in-residence? I was thrilled when he offered me the official position of Composer-in-residence!

My first commission was an unaccompanied Asperges me performed in November , followed by my Advent carol I sing of a maiden for soprano soloist, choir and organ accompaniment. What did you get out of the Composer-in-Residence experience? Having a choir whose sound and voices I know so well allowed me to experiment a lot.

The longer-term nature of my post meant I could do more than just trial and error things in a one-off project; I could develop skills I wanted to improve on, such as working on my part writing. For example, composing Asperges me was a very attractive exercise as I had to incorporate optional restricted length and repeats into the music in accordance with its function and place in the service.

Are you writing for other choirs and ensembles outside of the Cathedral? What have been your musical highlights with performances of your music over the past year? What does the future hold? Dave Pitt, one of our Basses in the Cathedral Choir, and keen cyclist, looks back at our most recent excursion. So it was for me as I cycled the last few uphill miles to the highest point in Cambridgeshire on the first Saturday after Easter, to join other Cathedral Choir members past and present, together with other friends, for a weekend of singing.

The village of Great Chishill, just east of Royston and close to the ancient Icknield Way, happens to be the home of Lisa Mackenzie, our first ever Choral Scholar, who has stayed in touch and sung with us many times since leaving Nottingham. In return we were treated to the warmest hospitality and were delighted to join the parishioners again for their Sunday morning family worship. I can think of few more worthwhile pursuits. William Ruff Nottingham Post reviews our performance of J. Bach's B Minor Mass is the Everest of choral works. Of course, this sense of effortlessness can only be generated by meticulous preparation.

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