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Mechanisation of formal proofs. Contents Propositional logics: Syntax and semantics, calculii for propositional logics, deductive formalisations of propositional logics, natural calculii, algorithmic and equational approach for propositional logics: The method of tableaux, Davis-Putman-algorithms, the resolution method.

First order logics : Syntax, relations between properties of elements, Semantic: Interpretations, valuations, satisfiability, transformation of terms and formulas, undecidability results, deductive constructions of first order logics, main theorems of PL1, first order theories, models, enumeration methods for theorems in PL1, Tableaux- and resolution methods, logic programming and Prolog.

Contents Theory of complexity, reductions, complexity classes, the classes P and NP, complete problems. Fundamental concepts and methods for the analysis of algorithms. Concrete applications: String Matching Search strategies : Backtracking, Branch-and-Bound, LC-search Approximation methods and probabilistic algorithms Heuristic methods: Randomized Rounding, locale improvement strategies, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms and startegies Forms of examination prerequisites for final ex.

Literature M. Entwurf und Analyse von Algorithmen. Springer-Verlag, Cormen, C. Leiserson, R. Rivest, C. Oldenbourg Verlag, Ottmann and P. Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen. Sedgewick and P. An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms. Literature Wird in der Veranstaltung bekannt gegeben. Reinhard Kirchner Computer Science 89 Prof. Skills to analyze the performance of computers. Basic knowledge of the functionality of single processor computers.

Contents Propositional logic operators, normal forms, Boolean algebra, etc. Implementation of propositional logic by combinatorial circuits Logic minimization Finite state machines FSMs Implementation of FSMs by sequential circuits Coding numbers, symbols, etc. Computer arithmetic fixed point, floating point, logic operations Data path and controller Instruction set architecture v. Hennessy, D.

Meinel and T. Mueller and W. Knowledge of managing processes by the operating system. Usage of synchronization primitives. Contents Pipelining principle, conflicts, forwarding and other implementation techniques Memory hierarchy, organization of caches Bus hierarchy Assembler programming incl. DMA Working memory management virtual memory File management Protection mechanisms Forms of examination prerequisites for final ex.

Tanenbaum, Moderne Betriebssysteme, Hanser-Verlag, 2. Es sind transaktionsverarbeitende Systeme, d. Elmasri, R. Database Management Systems. Mcgraw-Hill Publ. Christopher D. Introduction to Information Retrieval. Cambridge University Press, Design alternatives, for example connection-oriented vs. Quantitative understanding of communication systems Contents Overview on communication systems: terminology, structure, architecture, market Application layer principles and mechanisms with examples like http, email, ftp, DNS Transport layer principles and mechanisms with examples like TCP and UDP Network layer principles and mechanisms with examples like IPv4 addressing, OSPF, BGP Link layer principles and mechanisms with examples like Ethernet, MPLS Physical layer principles as for example Nyquist's and Shannon's theorems Forms of examination prerequisites for final ex.

Kurose and K. Pearson, 2nd Edition, Computer Networks. Prentice Hall, 4th edition, Peterson and B. Computer Networks — A Systems Approach. Morgan Kaufmann, Lernsteuerung: was kann ich schon? Was gelingt mir noch nicht? Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten: wie plane, steuere, realisiere ich eine Hausarbeit u. Oder: Wer kann ich werden und wenn ja wie?

1 Aspekte des Interkulturellen

Schneider Verlag Hohengehren GmbH: Beltz Verlag, Huber: Schneider Verlag Hohengehren Klinkhardt Der Weg zum Erfolg. Herder: Hogrefe Verlag: Gabal-Verlag GmbH: A Systems View. Wadsworth Publishing: Auflage, VS Verlag, Gabal-Verlag GmbH Pro Semester kann nur ein Seminar besucht werden. Semester besucht werden.

Verpflichtende Teilnahme an allen 3 Seminaren. The tasks are based on the study modules Software Development 1, 2, and 3, whose contents will be applied in a realistic project context. In the project, a choice of the development of several applications from different domains e. They can develop and implement a large application, perform software tests, realize a whole design cycle and work in a team. Contents The setting of project tasks covers design, implementation, and testing of software systems.

During the design phase, students will use application-specific techniques as MATlab, Statecharts, Modellica, statistic test techniques, etc. Remarks Will be organized together with SW development project. Educational objectives Mit erfolgreichem Abschluss des Moduls werden die Studierenden in der Lage sein,. Weitere Literatur wird in der Vorlesung bekannt gegeben. Golub, J. Academic Press, 1st edition, Up-to-date graphical devices allow not only video games but may be used for scientific computations.

They are heavily used in deep learning and artificial intelligence. With their superior performance it is not surprising that many of the fastest computers in the world contain these cards. This course offers basic knowledges on high performance computing on graphical devices. In tutorials based on the open-source CFD code SU2, the students will get hands on the derived methods for optimization and control in fluid mechanics.

The lecture is furthermore valuable for getting introduced to more general lectures on optimization with PDEs. For those students who have heard already lectures on optimization with PDEs, the lecture gives a specific problem and application oriented insight into this class of optimization problems. Contents State equations in fluid mechanics Reynolds-averaging and turbulence modeling Finite Volume Method Cost functions and constraints in fluid mechanics Shape optimization Optimal active flow control Continuous and discrete adjoint methods One-shot methods Forms of examination prerequisites for final ex.

Literature Will be announced in the lecture. AD exploits the fact that every computer program, no matter how complicated, executes a sequence of elementary arithmetic operations such as additions or elementary functions such as exp. By applying the chain rule of derivative calculus repeatedly to these operations, derivatives of arbitrary order can be computed automatically, and accurate to working precision. Literature A. Griewank und A. SIAM SIAM, Literature topic specific literature Remarks This course is part of the research group seminar.

The course introduces students to the theory and applications of human computer interaction HCI. Students should achieve an understanding of human perception and psychology related to HCI, as well as learn about concepts and methods of interactive systems. The course builds on theoretical principles and numerous examples from research and practice.

For this, the students work through current, lecture-related publications of the most important HCI conferences e. Second, the prototypical implementation from paper mock-up to concrete implementation, e. Capability to present a special topic from computer graphics comprehensibly using electonic media Capability for sientific discussion Contents Selected topics from visualization, e.

Visualization of vector fields: Implemention of algortithms like stream lines and surfaces, turbulence detection, detection of topology, etc. Insbesondere erlangen Studierende ein. This lecture will highlight the advent of information security in parallel with the development and advancement of information systems including the Internet. Outcomes include a deeper understanding of: security fundamentals, the Internet, risk management, data storage including big data , business vulnerabilities, organizational information systems, governance and compliance, the implication of mobile use, and modern information security methods.

Students can expect to apply this knowledge to other aspects of computer science including:. The lecture discusses safety and reliability in systems in a comprehensive way. It introduces techniques that are used to determine residual risks in systems, and discusses their properties advantages and disadvantages, limitations. Current techniques for risk acceptance, i. In addition, software reliability analysis techniques and formal safety proofs are introduced.

They know how to deal with maturity model based methods in quality management. Additionally, students are able to determine the suitability of structures of quality management systems for certain software and systems and can apply them successfully. Contents Quality management of Software and Systems is of crucial importance for a successful quality assurance.

An insufficient quality assurance could endanger human lives or cause economic losses. Hence, also for customers a proof of compliance with quality management standards becomes more and more important. This lecture discusses quality management of software and systems in a comprehensive way. It introduces techniques that are applied for quality management and discusses their properties advantages and disadvantages, limitations.

In addition, suitable procedures for establishing a quality management system are pointed out. The course describes all activities of the model-based development of automotive software systems from the requirements analysis to code generation. Based on state-of-the-art technologies, current research achievements but also industrial practice, it provides solutions to the specific problems of the regarded domain.

It thus enables the student to apply the techniques for the model-based development of complex automotive software systems. Functional programming is a style of programming that emphasises the use of immutable datatypes and pure functions. Functional programming has a simple mathematical basis that supports equational reasoning about properties of programs. As a consequence, functional programs are easier to develop and reason about than their imperative counterparts. The aim of these lectures is to illustrate these points using the standard functional language Haskell.

DE EN. News Dept. Gerhard Pews External Capgemini. Literature Vorlesungsfolien als PDF. Thees Web 2. Beurskens, Gesellschaftsrecht, Stuttgart Windbichler, Gesellschaftsrecht, Zivilrecht Literatur wird bei Veranstaltungsbeginn genannt. Literature Literatur wird in den Veranstaltungen bekanntgegeben. Wie verhalten sich Menschen online und offline? Educational objectives Capability to prepare a special topic from computer science based on a given set of literature.

Capability to present a special topic from computer science using electonic media Capability for sientific discussion Contents Depends on the topic of the seminar. Literature Depends on the topic of the seminar. Remarks Choice of one of the related seminars sub modules. Educational objectives Ability to apply engineering methods and techniques in practice for systematic development of applications: Ability to apply knowledge and technique learned in teh lectures.

Ability to design and implement an application.

Interkulturelles Management. Eine weitere Optik

Ability to specify and execute software tests Team work. Contents Depends on the topic of the project. Literature Depends on the topic of the project. Remarks Choice of one of the related projects sub modules. Zweig Network analysis Bachelor project 4P 8 Prof. Contents Themen aus dem Bereich "Informatik und Gesellschaft", z. Educational objectives Capability to prepare a special topic from computer science and its relations to other topics based on the literature.

Educational objectives Capability to prepare a special topic from socioinformatics and its relations to other topics based on the literature.


Remarks It has to be confirmed by the program coordinator that a socioinformatics topic has been chosen. Educational objectives Competence to apply engineering methods and techniques in practice for systematic development of applications: Competence to apply knowledge and technique learned in teh lectures.

Competence to design and implement an application. Competence to specify and execute software tests Team work. Educational objectives Competence to apply socioinformatics methods and techniques in practice: Competence to apply knowledge and technique learned in the lectures. Competence to analyze an application. Team work. Remarks The socioinformatics topic of the project has to be confirmed by the program coordinator. Annette Bieniusa Computer Science 89 Prof. Die These von Church-Turing.

Halteproblem Funktionale Programmiersprachen primitive und partiell rekursive Funktionen Diagonalisierungstechnik, strukturelle Induktion und Reduktionstechnik Forms of examination prerequisites for final ex. Nebel: Entwurf und Analyse von Algorithmen. Ottmann, Widmayer: Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen. Anwendungen dieser Methoden in der Informatik zu identifizieren, einfache numerische Techniken zu implementieren, typische Werkzeuge des Scientific Computing anzuwenden und exemplarisch mit entsprechenden Programmierschnittstellen und -Umgebungen umzugehen. Literature G. Gary D.

Hamacher, Z. Vranesic, S. Zaky, N. Patterson, J. Literature Skript A. Ullmann, M. Lam, R. Sethi und A. Tanenbaum und T. Tanenbaum, Moderne Betriebssysteme, 4. Alpha Go Forms of examination prerequisites for final ex. Mitchell, Machine Learning , International edition. Beierle und G. Wiesbaden: Springer Vieweg, Russell und P. Norvig, Artificial Intelligence , Global ed of 3rd Revised ed. Erlangen: Publicis Publishing, Wissen, Praxis, Anwendungen. Oldenbourg Verlag Literature Literatur der vorausgesetzten Lehrveranstaltungen.

Literature R. Sedgewick, K. Redmond, Wash: Microsoft Press, A. Hunt und D. Annette Bieniusa Computer Science 89 apl. Informatik-Berufsethik und verantwortliches Handeln im Umgang mit Informatiksystemen. Dusseldorp, R. Beecroft Hg. Friedrich und andere: Informatik und Gesellschaft, Spektrum, I.

Geis und M. Helfrich, Datenschutzrecht, 8. Kelly und J. Springer, Berlin: Ullstein Taschenbuch, Zalta, Hrsg. Metaphysics Research Lab, Stanford University, Stamatellos: Computer Ethics. A global perspective, Sudbury, Contents fundamental concepts elementary graphics algorithms rasterization and ray tracing representation and modellierung of objects and scenes modeling of surface properties mapping techniques object and view transformation real-time graphics and graphics APIs light transport and global illumination algorithms simple animation methods Forms of examination prerequisites for final ex.

Encarnacao, W. Strasser: Computer Graphics, Oldenburg Verlag, Forms of final examination presentation Media types special software to be used in computer lab. Remarks Das Schwerpunktmodul setzt sich aus der Vorlesung "Computergrafik" und einer der weiteren gelisteten Vorlesungen zusammen. Capability to present a special topic from computer graphics comprehensibly using electonic media Capability for scientific discussion Contents Selected topics in computer graphics, e.

Contents Different tasks from computer graphics, e.

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Literature J. Hoschek, G. Lasser: Grundlagen der Geometrischen Datenverarbeitung, Teubner, Prautzsch, W. Boehm, M. Capability to present a special topic from computer graphics comprehensibly using electonic media Capability for sientific discussion Contents Advanced topics in computer graphics, e. Xitron to focus on partnerships, new interfaces Exhibiting in 15 stands throughout the show, as well as its own in the USA Pavilion in Hall 15 C….

Muller Martini: Look to the Future with Finishing 4. Kurz: Single images in cold foil transfer New module for precisely positioning holographic single-image designs; to be shown live in action at drupa in Hall 3…. Creative Edge iC3D v4 application to run live in Hall 7 Creative Edge Software reaches out to packaging designers at drupa with new photorealistic 3D technology…. Massivit 3D at drupa in Hall 7a stand B40 Massivit 3D Printing Technologies to use drupa for premier of ground-breaking 3D printing solution for visual communication applications….

Hunkeler Systeme AG at drupa in Hall 2 Hunkeler Systeme disposal logistics offer a complete system for waste extraction, shredding and compacting…. Stora Enso at drupa What a tree can do The renewable materials company Stora Enso will participate in drupa with the company stand in Hall 1…. Once again, Kolbus will host one of the biggest exhibits at this show, with a 1, square metre stand packed with innovations for industrial scale finishing….

Watkiss adds new PowerSquare booklet maker Watkiss Automation targets mid-volume digital printers with new PowerSquare booklet maker to debut at drupa in Hall 6…. Tecnau at drupa in Hall 8a Tecnau to exhibit new finishing solutions for books and commercial print at drupe…. Scodix press for folding carton market to debut at drupa Scodix unlocks new enhancement and profit-generating opportunities for the folding carton market with Scodix E press launch….

Highcon to launch new product portfolio at drupa Highcon to launch a new dimension in finishing with a portfolio of products at drupa this year…. FFEI to showcase digital inkjet integration Expanding the application of digital inkjet technology end-to-end digital inkjet consultancy services at drupa in Hall 10….

GMG to share colour management expertise GMG will showcase its latest software, a clever Photoshop plug-in, new proofing media, and its extended range of services…. Asahi: Blending proven solutions with innovative new options Asahi Photoproducts set to bring extreme quality to flexo printing at drupa …. Dalim ES seamless integration to be shown at drupa Dalim Software partners with Chili Publisher to provide access to online editing from a web browser, directly from Dalim ES….

Petersburg, Russia. German version available. It is fantastic that the topic of paper and paper processing has finally! This is an important sector and it has more to offer than ever even though it has been previously seen as secondary because all spectacular innovations had come from the printing press industry.

During the course of digitalization with networking and automation of all processes keyword Industry 4. As paper specialist, BW Papersystems takes on the global lead, through its innovative company structure with customer-orientated solutions in line with the market conditions.

This is reason enough to talk to one of the top managers, who is close to the customer on a global scale. Three things are essential for us:. The name of the trade fair drupa stands for the abbreviation of the German words for print and paper, i. Both offer the platform for a new business model of BW Papersystems. What has happened to this day? Patrick Walczak: Only today, new technologies are truly accepted in the printing industry. The trend of promising a dynamic growth has long been anticipated. However, its effects are only seen today.

Dept. of Computer Sci.: Module Handbook for the Bachelor and Master Programmes

As necessary evil, we were somewhat isolated. We were stuck in this dilemma. Therefore, we have changed many things. Finally, we were able to expand our world of ideas. Many changes happened at the structural and cultural level. Now, we are able to look beyond the rim of the teacup…. Patrick Walczak: Yes. The period following the drupa was very tough for us. Our former market activities were unilateral. At the same time, the demand decreased. The business in Asia failed.

Investments in North America dropped. We were searching and we did find a new home, which became a very good home.

It consists of 80 companies in machine and system engineering, which are divided into four platforms. In addition, there were changes in the environment: Today, digital printing is ever more influential than before. All participants in the entire print production value chain communicate with one another and collaborate intensively. Patrick Walczak: Delivery times in near real times are the standard in the paper business. At least smaller quantities are ordered and delivered within 24 hours. This creates new challenges, with which we are dealing.

Our business model changed completely: We are more than just a supplier of individual technological components. For our customers and their customers, we become more and more the problem solver by offering innovative and successful solutions. This will be even more intensified by drupa There will be joint appearances with paper suppliers, dealers, and users. We focus on close cooperation and perfect teamwork. We communicate with suppliers and partners of our customers about all processes over the entire value chain. Patrick Walczak: Globally seen, the use of paper does not decrease to the degree that printing of paper decreases specifically for consumer purposes.

With our new business model, we facilitate and master a market environment that is in the midst of change. This is not anything new when seen in the historical context. There have always been changes; however, the speed by which things happen has increased significantly. Accordingly, our communication and collaboration skills have to fulfil completely different requirements. Top priority: We focus on individual customer desires. Patrick Walczak: Just look at the booming market of digitally printed photo albums.

It requires mastering strong seasonal fluctuations with regard to formats and types of paper. Accordingly, our processes such as cutting and binding solutions are optimized and in line with customer needs. In the course of our new strategy, we have not only consolidated us but we have advanced proactively. In our Corporation, we call it customer trust and customer care initiative. Therefore, the achievement of customer satisfaction is not the final objective. Rather it is relevant to build permanent trust. This is how we are in the end able to develop and realize joint visions.

Patrick Walczak: Our customer orientation to create trust and sustainable partnerships should not simply be the introductory paragraph in an image brochure but it should guide day-in and day-out the thoughts of each employee. All of our customers must feel it each day, each hour. The spectrum of our customers ranges from five employees in a family business to global players with tens of thousands of employees worldwide. This is what unifies us: In the end, what counts are personal connections and perfect customer relationships. The good and the bad.

In this context, what added values do your customers or new customers expect and which ones do you wish to achieve? Patrick Walczak: To generate added value for our customers, it is not enough to offer innovative and good products. Three things that are essential for us:.

Just the machine technology has so to speak a secondary effect; in the end, it must ultimately create something else and something greater for customers. We must move something in business and in society, something that is fun. The motto of our Company is: Building a better world through business.

Patrick Walczak: We serve on a global level various industry dealing with paper, cardboard, and print. Suitable products and solutions are the result of our comprehensive trend observations and trend shaping. For example, the customer specific modification of a machine can be the solution. Our global perspective permits us to serve large markets and niche markets alike; in any case, it is important to recognize global accentuations to be able to respond swiftly to heterogeneous market requirements. Cultural closeness is important. We assure it through local contact persons. Our infrastructure has grown significantly since we are part of the BW Group.

Therefore, we are well equipped to satisfy best customer desires. Patrick Walczak: We do see the automotive sector including the supplier market as role model. Specifically, with regard to the industry 4. The following counts in machine and system engineering: Machines must fulfil their purpose; they must run smoothly and they must support customers in their work perfectly.

The expectation of dependability increased beyond physical framework conditions. Therefore, it is extremely important — even if we are talking special machinery — to have spare parts available locally along with local service technicians. As I have mentioned, our guiding principle in the business of our customers, who have deliver to their customers within 24 hours.

Patrick Walczak: We are the leader in remote maintenance. With our own software, we now have a significantly improved access to analyse machine data, particularly to diagnose errors. Initially, we use a remote service to start up new installations more quickly.

Now, we can offer customers for flat rate novel services, which reduce the required maintenance or repair times of 30 to 40 hours to 3 to 4 hours. Paper manufacturers are rather conservative and they do not like to let someone else handle sensitive issues. How do you deal with it? Patrick Walczak: Of course, you have to remove barriers.

Our approach with ExpertOnline is for the majority of this conservative sector such as paper mills unusual. Therefore, we need new forms to communicate this new system. In addition, it requires a strong trust in us because the customer does give a lot out of the hand. Therefore, we expected a flat start-up curve but some started immediately and they were highly satisfied.

Important is: New functions are added such as production optimizations and quality improvements. A wealth of production data is created. We can process them in a structured manner and we can analyse them intelligently. What do those quite complicated new approaches look like in terms of the discussed benefit and added value? Patrick Walczak: On the one hand: We rely on social media communication and for example, we have an explanatory video uploaded to YouTube. On the other hand, we use kiosk systems at the drupa These deal with the topics in a structured manner, whereby one deals with ExpertOnline.

Authentic customer evaluations and dialogues are important for us.

This provides entirely new ideas to show additional opinions and get new input through social media via forums, blogs, etc. This applies to the products and specifically to services, remote maintenance or spare parts, etc. According to our customers, these open and informative communications lead to benefits and effects to make purchase decisions transparent for business decision-makers or even controllers. Business is conducted through relationships by people as acting persons. Therefore, the concept of the remote maintenance ExpertOnline also encourages the ExpertPersonal experience.

Drupa offers the best opportunities for it. In addition, we show that our solutions are highly flexible and rapidly available. Today, we only need 6 to 8 weeks to deliver and 1 week for the installation instead of the previous delivery term of 8 to 9 months and 6 weeks for the installation. Who can benefit particularly from the offer of BW Papersystems or rather which impulses are created for the market in the medium-term and in the long-term? Patrick Walczak: This is clearly the result of our large portfolio of solutions, which caters to print shops and specifically to digital print users, paper mills and the paper shops as well as the packaging industry.

Last but not least: What is your personal motivation in your job and what does drupa mean for you? Patrick Walczak: My professional and personal motivation in a nutshell: Days such as these. Interaction with different people. The exchange, meeting, at wonderful places on special occasions. My job as global head of sales provides me with an excellent mirror image of what our customers and we will expect to find at the drupa — a global, intercultural, linguistically divers meeting.

The drupa is so to speak a kind of home turf for the paper industry during a specific temporal rhythm. To be better equipped for new challenges. I still remember vividly the experiences I made in Anyone who wants to find out particulars can talk to me personally at our drupa stand! Education and professional experience: Patrick Walczak has a Bachelor Degree in business administration, controlling, marketing, and human resources management. Before this position, he has worked for six years as Sales Director and Commercial Director at the Thyssen Krupp affiliate Harburg-Freudenberger Maschinenbau GmbH business sector of edible oil industry.

BW Papersystems , is a division of Barry-Wehmiller. It combines under one roof strong brand names, innovative technologies and many years of experience in cutting and packaging of paper and cardboard, the processing of stationary as well as corrugated cardboard. According to Company information, it offers market-leading solutions for cutting and packaging of paper, cardboard and other materials in the large format, small format and digital format sector as well as solutions for the stationary sector, the production of passports and special paper processing applications.

Customers in the corrugated cardboard production and processing industry are supported by the well-known brands MarquipWardUnited, Curioni, and VortX. Barry-Wehmiller is a global provider of comprehensive engineering services and production technologies for the packaging, corrugated cardboard and paper processing industries. An employee orientated management style and operative strategies combined with sustainable growth led Barry-Wehmiller to become a Company, which today generates more than USD 2.

Its 11, employees have one joint vision: To create a pleasant togetherness through respectful conduct. Building a Better World through Business. For more information, go to barry-wehmiller. BW Papersystems unites for the first time leading brands for stationary and digital print processing machines and large format cross cutters. One highlight of BW Papersystems will be the presentation of an eCon large format cutter. This eCon format cutter, which was developed with the latest construction methods, offers the high cutting quality of a dual rotary cross-cutter. Due to the attractive price, the investment should become profitable for print shops and cardboard manufacturers in a short time, while reducing inventory, making pile turners are thing of the past, reducing material costs and increasing the efficiency of the print machines.

In addition, we will show at our stand an automatic Wrapmatic GREC, a huge wrapping machine for large format materials. This machine is designed for an average production rate. It is the perfect flexible solution for paper processors and smaller paper mills with the desire to produce the highest quality of packaged reams. It uses as wrapping material traditionally coated papers that protect against moisture or wrapping paper.

Due to the rapid format change options, the GREC is ideal for processing small order quantities efficiently. Furthermore, visitors of the stand can discover the significantly expanded product portfolio of WillPemcoBielomatik, BW Bielomatik and Kugler-Womako for the processing of stationary, digital print and digitally printed books, the binding of books as well as for RFID applications. For the first time, the best technologies of the former E. Will and the paper-processing sector of Bielomatik and Kugler-Womako are combined. Now, customers can choose between ideal machine solution for simple or for highly automated production requirements.

The product portfolio includes solutions for the production of notebooks, for glued products or for products bound with plastic, wire or even paper. For the rapidly growing digital print market, BW Papersystems offers flexible cutting systems for digital paper formats, book-on-demand binding solutions for the very small book editions as well as innovative systems based on single sheets to process large volumes of digitally printed books. Systems for speciality applications such as the processing of RFID technology and the production of passports compliment the impressive range of products.

Welcome to another roundup of news highlights for the past week which has seen 30 news articles added to our Home Page, as well as a further 25 to our drupa Newsroom, two new Online Features from Esko and Zund ; two Verdigris Blogs from Laurel Brunner — one on Monday and the second on Friday; and finally one from FESPA detailing its Regional Events for This follows a similar agreement in North America towards the end of last year. Not too many sales and installations successes this week, but what we did receive are significant, with Duplo on Monday at Just Digital; also Manroland Sheetfed with a six-colour Roland at Yuanda Color.

I hope you find lots of interest. With my best regards, Mike Hilton. Headline News Over 28, news items have now gone online since we launched our Website in September News for the past 24 months can still be accessed via the Home Page and its continuation news pages. Duplo brings more time-critical quality to Just Digital Fast-expanding Just Digital has invested in new finishing systems from Duplo in the wake of a move to new premises….

Yuanda Color Printing marching with the times A six-colour Roland with coating module 3B plus format press brings extra power to Jinan, China, printer…. New X-Rite eXact Xp spectrophotometer for flexible films Helps packaging converters accurately and consistently measure and better control colour on flexible film materials….

Flint laser ablative dry films gain in popularity Time and cost savings with the LADF laser ablative dry film jointly developed by Flint Group and Folex…. Frankfurt 04 April. Enfocus — driving innovation for today and the future Enfocus is known around the world as a provider of end-to-end automation solutions that help customers run more efficient operations…. Asahi: Blending proven solutions with innovative new options Asahi Photoproducts set to bring extreme quality to fexo printing at drupa ….

The companies will be located in Hall 8b, stand A23…. Esko: Flexo Platemaking Simplified: at drupa Esko introduces next-generation flexo platemaking; bringing major innovation and flexo platemaking simplification to drupa …. Kurz: New horizons in print finishing Leonhard Kurz will be presenting new print finishing possibilities and optimised processes at Drupa in Halls 3, 7 and 12…. Xaar to launch new technology platform at drupa Xaar, the heart of industrial inkjet, to announce major new Thin Film silicon MEMS technology platform at drupa in Hall 6…. Domino partners with IBIS, Kern and Gremser for drupa Domino Digital Printing Solutions to feature expanding range of technologies, including monochrome books and B2 sheetfed; textures, and 7-colour label printing….

Callas Software to launch pdfToolbox 9 at drupa Callas will showcase pdfToolbox 9 offering powerful, dynamic and easy to integrate PDF processing…. Xerox to launch two new inkjet presses at drupa Xerox to introduce its first cut-sheet inkjet press and new continuous feed inkjet platform…. Fujifilm Jet Press S to take centre stage at drupa Fujifilm will be using drupa as a platform to showcase how the Jet Press S is transforming print businesses today…. Axaio Software to showcase at drupa Together with callas software, Tucanna and Four Pees, Axaio will present its solutions at drupa in Hall 7, stand C19….

Epson stand at drupa to be split into 5 zones Epson to present its most advanced range of professional production inkjet printers and presses at drupa in Hall 5…. Epson drupa exclusive: New super-fast wide-format printer Epson to unveil new SureColor SC-P mm wide-format printer combining highest printing speed with superior quality…. Grund genug, sich mit einem der Top-Manager, der nahe am Kunden und weltweit aktiv ist, zu unterhalten. Was hat sich bis dato getan? Patrick Walczak: Neue Technologien im Drucksektor greifen erst jetzt richtig.

Denn die sich lange anbahnenden Trends, die dynamisches Wachstum versprachen, wirken sich erst heutzutage richtig aus. Patrick Walczak: Ja. Wir suchten und fanden eine neue Heimat, die zu einer sehr guten Heimat wurde. Es werden zumeist kleinere Mengen in 24 Stunden bestellt und geliefert. Das schafft neue Herausforderungen, die wir angenommen haben. Die drupa wird das noch intensivieren. Entsprechend sind unsere Prozesse z. Im Zuge unserer neuen Strategie haben wir uns entsprechend nicht nur konsolidiert, sondern uns proaktiv nach vorne entwickelt.

Das Ziel endet also nicht bei Erreichen der Kundenzufriedenheit; relevant ist, dass sich dauerhaft Vertrauen aufbaut. So schaffen wir es, im Ergebnis gemeinsame Visionen zu entwickeln und zu verwirklichen. Gutes wie Schlechtes. Alle Prozesse werden daher konsistent bewertet und optimal auf den Kunden ausgerichtet. Welche Mehrwerte erwarten in diesem Kontext Ihre Kunde resp. Neukunden, die sie erreichen wollen? Das Motto unseres Konzern lautet: Building a better world through business. Patrick Walczak: Wir sehen durchaus den Automobilsektor inkl.

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Wie gehen sie damit um? Das setzt zudem starkes Vertrauen in uns voraus, da der Kunden einiges aus der Hand gibt. Wir haben daher eine flache Anlaufkurve erwartet, einige sind aber sofort angesprungen und waren hochzufrieden. Authentische Kundenbewertungen und Dialoge sind uns wichtig. Was macht einen Besuch bei BW Papersystems auf der drupa besonders lohnenswert? Wer kann vom BW Papersystems-Angebot besonders profitieren resp.

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