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I like Kanter, say bad things Adams.


Hotel Caravaggio in Rome - Room Deals, Photos & Reviews

Racist people mean. King of Carrot Flowers. Ever have to give a buddy a hug to help him out of a bad situation? King of Carrot Flowers So I didn't get a chance to say welcome back, and it looks like after that last post Have we passed over the fact that Glenda came out of retirement the same day we found out the truth about Wario?

Old Man Game. Hey Booker's wingspan ended up being better than reported at Coach Cal's Kentucky pro day. Maybe there's hope for him after all. Must have bad instincts for it. Maybe he can learn. I was most worried about the physical tools with him given his age. Old Man Game Better than expected for sure. Hunter about where expected.

Monty Williams I don't think is a good fit.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Smells

Basically, he doesn't add anything that the coaching staff really needs to grow. If a guy plays out of his mind, do you care about an inch or two? In that case, can I get my old name back? Especially after tvaddic butchered it into his own Frankenstein of names. He could possibly improve his fitness, but his body type seems to just have a lot of muscle weight. Voeg someone billy should do this to presti if he's about to make a bad draft pick.

Coach Pat 2. Traber 3. Morning guys 5. Dusty 6. Mark Rogers. I think after today's measurements there is more of a chance that Johnson is there at 14 than Oubre. Would you take him? That guys chases so many rabbits. The Jackal. Al would just cut him off. Jones has the weirdest things he goes off on. Show is much worse than BBJ's. Very disappointing game from Real. So many unneccessary balls just heaved into defenders from the wings.

Are the draft combine measurements just coming from twitter or is there a general table of data yet? But then again, so is Keylor Navas. Seeing a trend here. BPM does a very poor job of estimating shot defense, the thing hr may be worst at. Or possible impacts of lane clogging on offense.

Real's goalkeeping crew is pretty awful. The Jackal this point is always valid. What's your point? Not great, not bad. But his 1. I think it's because he's Muslim. A lot of people hate Waiters here too. Those stupid millenials screw up the economy and wage wars to fill their pockets. I hate that they expect everything to be as easy as we had it. King of Carrot Flowers If he would take of those ridiculous glasses he would be able to see. Luke Yes. Remember he missed his rookie season due to shoulder surgery and like all new players had to get use to the speed of the game, but he was a dedicated, smart defender out of the gate.

Man, I'm really hoping that Stanley Johnson's measurements drops him to the 14 range. He'd be a great get. I started watching when they moved to OKC. Figured he was but was curious. I emailed you last night with our top secret thing stuff. TempBoy Brandon Seems like half the people here think he has concrete feet. CollisonDoppelganger Uh oh, some cleveland beat writer is going to come after the grindfather tomorrow. The Thing. Tell me he wouldn't make a heck of a defender. What does good shooter mean? What is a comparable shooter already in the league?

Got bored waiting for baseball and figured I'd give the NBA a shot. Followed OKC since it was there first year. Worked out nicely. Not sure who a comparable shooter in the league is, but I know he's better than Roberson and Huestis and Waiters. Also, I really suck at draft stuff. I spent a couple hours about a week ago reading through different mocks and profiles and watching some videos, so I'm acting like I really know what's up. SeinfeldOKC Abrines will come over eventually and be the savior our franchise deserves.

Bad management, impatient ownership, subpar fanbase, inflexible roster. Modern defenses have more and more switching and mismatches, and if you look for guys that could guard say, 4 out of 5 positions passably, he'd be near the top of the list in the draft. We should all love Dion for who he is!

It's not his fault! Stop hating on poor basketball players, they are human too! Flawless logic. The others probably don't either but at least there is a chance. What are the chances our pick actually becomes a rotation player next season? OBoy I'm Not a Rookie. Someone should compile Jeff Van Gundy's quotes for every coach that has been fired in the past few years.

I tried earlier but gave up quickly. OBoy I'm Not a Rookie I'd rather play a game of basketball with every rule change he's ever proposed. I can't detect other people's sarcasm and other people can't detect mine. I think I just lost at the internet. The Pelicans front office messed up What they should have said was, "If you don't win a championship, your job is on the line".

By the end of the year if we draft a 2 that can defend and shoot a little bit it would be an upgrade and the chances are better. And the Resident Evil movies with that hot chick in them. You probably could have just stopped with the first sentence. They did a terrible job building that team.

Style Icon No need to put any blame on Dell Demps for stacking up Gordon, Evans, Holiday and locking up the cap situation with mid level players? I've never seen a coach or former coach not badmouth a firing. He'd be a good tv analyst if he'd get off his fucking soap box and just call the game in front of him. As a team mate, who would you hate playing with more?

I thought Wario was tvaddic? Didn't someone you post an image of Wario posting a Mike and Mike tweet? Royce is a pretty lenient or maybe just absentee moderator. I got banned from BlazersEdge for posting 1 gif of Russ. If there was a homeless guy or a guy walking in your church asking for money, and he was like, "Hey I'm gonna shoot straight with you. I don't need money for gas, and my kids aren't starving and need food, and all those lines guys use all the time. I just need money for some whiskey. Can you help me out?

Barry Amenema.

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He gets people more fired up with his regular name. I know whats good for him. Are his organs in good working order? Would anybody notice if he disappeared? Its Justice Time i bet she gave you a boner. Dion was terrible this season, I just think there are small reasons for optimism. One of which beinf that it's genuinely difficult to play as poorly as he did. I mean I could protect the rim as well as perk with Ibaka covering for me. But Advanced Stats are always right. Luke He's managed to perform at similarly bad levels in previous seasons, too.

I think he understands it. Its Justice Time I think its good that they are finally making one of these shows Female orientated. The Genre has enough room to tell all types of stories. The Intro Sucks though. Really needs a theme song. Luke And he has been before, too.

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He shot worse in some areas but even if he performs at a level similar to his best season he's not worth playing on a good team. I hate Superman as a character and think his derivative cousin Supergirl is even worse. But that said I think this looks terrible.

CBS just trying to do something to shed it's image as the network of the olds. I watch a lot of shows with my younger sister and its always a struggle to find action adventure shows with a female lead who write their female characters like women and not cliche stereotypes. To me This looks like it's going to be the big breakout hit of the new year. How do these people create alt accounts that look exactly like already made accounts? That justin account looks exactly the same.

Unlike the justin alt account that is exactly the same. Wasn't really my cup of tea, but it was at least a decent quality show. Maybe they could finally do that character justice in that more dark and gritty side universe they established in Daredevil. Guesses as to how many seasons Donovan coaches the Thunder? Does the coach after gm come from outside or will he be part of the Thunder staff beforehand?

I watch enough tv that i have a solid list. But new shows are always appreciated. Crow It's impossible to speculate but I will: 8. The Hugh Jackman version is alright, but never really captured the feral element of his character. Just checking in and it seemed like the thing to say. I think I'm pretty much out of suggestions after that, lol. Thunder : Westbrook - 5. I just remember clown pictures. I love seeing bits a pieces of DT history wash up.

Its pretty funny. One day we will talk about this. DT turns into lord of the flies. Honestly the shows don't need to have a female star so much as well written female characters. Too shows to add to your list if someone else asks would be Nikita and Agent Carter from last year. If they are Nerdy Fringe, Chuck possibly Heroes are good options. Road Block.

Let's talk some more about Dion. What do you think his favorite food is? Crow Brooks had 7 years so id set the over under at that. Road Block You are new to this I See, if you want to be extremely annoying, post a gif with a width larger than DT's fram. This will cause everyone's page to expand to fit because the CSS is responsive. So I saw Booker's wingspan was better than the UK pro day had it. Any other points of interest from the combine today?

It's no wonder he can defend the rim. Bleeding ears from all the screeching is the worst thing.

An overview

Free pterodactyl eggs for breakfast everyday is the best thing. King of Carrot Flowers Well that kind of wood isn't really very christian. King of Carrot Flowers Mmhmm mhmmm. And you don't consider yourself to be a cannibal in this case? King of Carrot Flowers So you totally reject your pterodactyl heritage? By the data Only still true for Clips. Thunder has never had a regular starting lineup with all 5 positive, ever. Not only way to go but still a good thing to have. I'm confused now. Crow It seems a metric that isn't as important as how the pieces fit together as a whole.

No one wants an anchor, but roles sometimes dictate negative ORPM. He doesn't have that high center of gravity. My dad is an emu. I am not absolutist about this. But all four teams with 2 negative starters lost in first round. I would avoid that. King of Carrot Flowers i did not say that.

That should fix it. No but my friend wellington silva told me you kidnapped him and made him watch. Does Grant really have great athleticism? I thought he looked fairly average by NBA standards. Playoff Reform. King of Carrot Flowers d21 is persuading too many people. This used to be our thing. That's why I'm on the train. Like I would get on a train with sa black dude on board lol. It depends who is there. There are some solid options. If he's there take him. King of Carrot Flowers How does it feel to smell like manure all the time?

Maybe Portis third. Its Justice Time If it helps, there is a much great statistical chance that the Thunder have Towns on their roster next year than me. I don't know how the team will shake out a year from now. The over under for new Alts this off season is set at , all of which will post less than comments. King of Carrot Flowers you took 2 minutes to think of that? Its Justice Time I beg to differ, and i guarantee he's better than me. Anthony Brown from Stanford measured 6' 5. Its Justice Time I'm pretty bad, i have no shame in saying that. Also it's really annoying on that page that it doesn't sort by height correctly.

It sorts 6'1" and 6'11" are next to each other. King of Carrot Flowers I never liked the Raps, their fire sale is gonna be awesome. I can understand the Hawks playing badly. Thabo's injury. Playoff adjustments. Weird lineup staggering. D21s track record isn't good outside of payton, so either oubre or hunter is going to be garbage. The OED says it's related to the noun "pony" but doesn't really explain it. King of Carrot Flowers Kanter is greedy just like all Turks. He just wants money. It's apparently an American original. Thank you for putting effort into this research. Spike B.

Paul Pierce before his yr-old season: 4 playoff appearances, 3 series won Chris Paul before his yr-old season: 7 playoff appearances, 4 series won and counting Pierce did nothing until he had 2 HOFers beside him. The narrative that CP can't win in the playoffs and Pierce was some kind of hero was always dumb. Tyrone Corbin. First time here in a while. How do we feel about the Christmas Day unis? And the high chances of the Thunder playing on the road? It's gonna be funny when the Pels replace Monty with Scott Brooks. Trading in a peach for a nectarine.

My favorite Christmas day jerseys are the Warriors, Blazers, and Bulls. OKC ones are great too. How bout yous? Don't know why they went with navy blue instead of the usual Thunder blue. Sustainable Parameters Jeezus. I think we just don't choose the 6 grams of fat or less options. Sustainable Parameters i made it all the way to the last page.

These heauxs are yuck. It would be great if the next two days Stanley Johnson and Kelly Oubre just stunk. I think that's a big part of why Kawhi Leonard dropped to the mid first round because his no step vert was like 27 and his max vert was like 32 really bad.

No they just test for the combine.

Everything in one - Wilderness Resort

That's not bad for a center. It isn't very good for a guard though. Chandler Bing SmashOverSplash. Zay Thunder Revenge Season. Heck Yes!!! Kenny gives a shout out to RW. They still gonna be a lottery team next summer. Chandler Bing SmashOverSplash i would love to get spencer dinwiddie if for some reason detroit doesn't want him. He falls in that second year after acl surgery category where he may show a lot of improvement. Rofl at my 2k my player going to the home screen cause 2k drm didn't work.

I'm glad I went ahead and cuffed.

Relais Monti Hotel Reviews & Deals, Rome

SeinfeldOKC If they said, "so he must love baseball" that'd be racist. SeinfeldOKC no. SeinfeldOKC If it could be definitively shown that literally ever single dominican loved baseball and that was common knowledge, then it wouldn't be racist. Significato di awful in inglese. We had awful weather. She has an awful boss. Would life be so awful without a car? The food was awful. She'd been ill and she looked awful. Altri esempi If the party is awful, we can always leave. The hotel was awful! To begin with, our room was far too small.

The awful spectre of civil war looms over the country. It's a good job they didn't go camping last weekend - the weather was awful.

Know another quote from Monty Python's Flying Circus?

They live downwind of a pig-farm and sometimes the smell is awful. Thesaurus: sinonimi e parole collegate Not of good quality a miserable, poor, etc. Puoi anche trovare parole associate, frasi e sinonimi negli argomenti Serious and unpleasant. Fortunately it won't make an awful lot of difference if I don't pass the test.

It was an awful risk to take. Altri esempi There's an awful lot of smut on television these days. There's an awful lot of work to be done.