Guide SEAL Team Six: The History of the Special Forces Team Who Killed Osama bin Laden

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Read reviews that mention bin laden special forces osama bin easy day well written navy seal mark owen good read neptune spear seal team great book well worth recommend it to anyone zero dark anyone interested record straight excellent read operation neptune dark thirty team six. Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. I would recommend "The Operator" rather but ok written. The book lacks the raw humor of The Operator and many times seems to reveal an unecessary amount of detailed information which is less relevant for the generic reader but more relevant for someone actually looking for information, in my personal non-professional opinion.

Death of Osama bin Laden Fast Facts

The "jumps" in the timeline can be big and sudden and leave you with the feeling of "ok, how did we end up from there to here in the timeline? But absolutely an interesting read in general but I l miss the humor and sometimes some background-explanatiom would have been nice in some situations the writer tells about. Well worth the money though. One person found this helpful.

Extreme conditions

An interesting insight into U. Special Forces Operations, culminating perhaps in the most talked about mission of the last few decades. Well-written and a very good read. Highly recommended. Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase. As most people have said, I read this in a couple of days. It is easy to read and doesn't leave you bamboozled with lots of technical jargon. Before its release, a lot of people connected to the Armed Forces in the US, especially Navy Seals and Pentagon, seemed to think that this was the act of a traitor and would reveal 'secrets'.

I would like to know their opinions now as the book does nothing but show us how proud the author was to be a Seal and how much respect he has for his fellow Seals. This is just a great 'first-hand' account and I recommend it to anyone interested in this sort of book. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. No Easy Day is a book that has possibly attracted the most pre-release media hype during But does the book meet the expectations of that hype? In this case it does!

Without spoiling the read for any future readers, the book is well written and engaging for even readers who do not usually reach for this genre on the bookshelves. The author has attempted to avoid the pitfall of constantly using lots of military abbreviations and jargon.

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Why this part of the book may not address the primary reason why most people will select this book, the raid on Bin Laden's compound, it does give an insight into how the SEALS are selected, train and work. For obvious reasons this book does not provide a great deal of information about all the intelligence community work that went on to actually trace Bin Laden's compound.

Quite rightly, as this part of the work was outside the authors sphere of involvement in the mission, and this is part of the story that will have to wait to be told so not to damage the work being undertaken by the intelligence community. The epilogue of the book is quite unusual. It is a statement justifying the author releasing the story of the raid. It almost appears to be an opening statement that would be read at the opening of defences case at the beginning of a court case - will this book land the author in court? Watch this space! The reaction of Mark Owen to the cover story his team were given should they be captured by the Pakistan army during the raid had me chuckling for ages.

I matched recollections with his and he agrees with the view above as well. Despite these realities, the claim that Biden released actionable, identifying information about the unit that carried out the bin Laden raid has metastasized into something even more inflammatory. On Aug. Everyone on board was killed.

The rescue team was sent to aid an Army Ranger unit battling the Taliban and desperately in need of backup. The Chinook was shot down by a Taliban rocket-propelled grenade in Wardak province. Taliban fighters were waiting on three sides for the aircraft as it approached. The Chinook was a sitting duck as it hovered in the sky. Biden is no bumbling fool.

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  7. He and his boss, President Obama, exploited them in order to boost their re-election chances. The SEALs, however, paid the ultimate price. Obama and Mr. Biden have American blood on their hands. This poorly reasoned innuendo, though it may be lacking in basis, apparently is re-emerging as a smear against Biden now that he has declared his candidacy for president in the election.

    He did not identify the unit involved in the attack. This fact had been widely reported before Biden made his remarks.