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Fun note: In one of the first chapters, Drucker recommends you track every minute of your time in a spreadsheet for a few weeks, just so you have a baseline understanding of where your time goes.

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Scared selling is ineffective selling. Our next two entries are back-to-back slam dunks from Harvard Law School professor and negotiation expert, William Ury. Written 30 years after Getting Past No , Getting to Yes is the long-awaited and critically acclaimed sequel that — in the eyes of many — transcends the original. This is one of the best sales books of all time. You know you are reading a great sales book when Dale Carnegie, of all people, has named it one of his personal favorites.

How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling is a gripping read from a fascinating author, Frank Bettger, who spent his thirties transforming himself from a failed insurance salesman into one of the most highly-paid salesmen in the world. If you are going through a rough patch in your sales career, by all means, pick up a copy of this book.

Modern sales is becoming more and more reliant on implementing technology to accelerate the sales process. Read this sales book right before you start to scale a well-understood process. Maybe you are one of the 15 million people who has already picked up a copy. I have mixed feelings about this one. However, this sales book is still very well worth the read. He has dozens of sales techniques. Some outdated like I mentioned, but some are effective. And hey, if you pick up a single effective technique, then it was worth the read, right?

Back in the s, the trailblazing Napoleon Hill forged one of the most important, lasting entries in sales literature. How to Sell Your Way Through Life is jam-packed with timeless wisdom and searing insights from the Great Depression, written by a man who pioneered the self-help genre and teaches you how to reshape the way you think to become a more effective influencer and, yes, salesperson.

Author Robert B. Cialdini takes a long, hard look at the science of sales through the lens of behavioral psychology in Influence.

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In sales, the number one competitor many of us face is the fear of change. Lucky for us, Cialdini dedicated his 35 years of rigorous research and 3 years of close study to find the underlying psychological forces that drive human beings to change their behavior — all of which are fleshed out in this book. In sales, some of us are bass fishermen and some of us are Captain Ahab. Mastering the Complex Sale is for the latter group.

Historical Understanding in the Quantum Age

If you are thinking with a static mindset — doubting yourself, disbelieving your ability to change and adapt — get that weak garbage out of here. Pick up a copy of this book. This is easily my favorite sales book. Never Split the Difference is a book on negotiation, behavioral economics, and influence. And boy does he have some stories to tell. The New Conceptual Selling is the definitive work from the definitive names in sales consulting, Miller Heiman.

This book teaches you how to make the leap from generic product pitch to consultative, solution-driven conversation. Read this book. Implement its recommendations. Another must-have entry in the sales book canon, The New Solution Selling applies most directly to whale hunting but has value for anyone dealing with nuanced, prolonged sales cycles. Author Keith M. Eades aims wide and tackles a variety of subjects — from tools to techniques — with astonishing breadth and depth. Give it a look, Ahabs.

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Scott Leese is the master of high-velocity, transactional B2B selling. Addicted to the Process summarizes what Scott has learned along the way. He talks at length about mindset, psychological, and maintaining motivational stamina enough to reach greatness in the transactional, short cycle sale. When I ask VPs of Sales which sales books they recommend, this one almost always comes up.

The original Miller and Heiman classic, The New Strategic Selling made massive waves upon its original release in and remains an essential sales book for the C-Suite all the way down to the frontline sales reps to this day. A phenomenal, important work with broad applicability to life in general, The Paradox of Choice illustrates the power of removing choices to reduce anxiety and increase general well-being the application to sales?

What does a S. It sets the stage. Tells a story. Reveals intrigue. Offers surprise. Nails the hook. And gets a decision. In Pitch Anything , Oren Klaff takes you through each of these steps with gripping narrative and compelling examples. This kind of sales serendipity happens every day across the globe to the sales pros that are fanatical about making one more call. Of course there are those who will tell you that this is bunk. Do not buy into this bull.

Top sales professionals have the self-discipline to do the hard things in sales.

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Do these top performers get tired, cold, hungry, burned out, and feel their resolve wavering and want to give up and go home? Of course they do. Do these top performers love prospecting or the other difficult activities required for success in sales? Of course not! The salespeople on the bottom know this too but, instead of making one more call at the end of the day when it is time to go home, they make excuses.

Toggle navigation. Subscribe to my free podcast on iTunes. Share this. Thanks for signing up! Best or largest opportunities in your territory. Focus: nurturing and regular touches, stakeholder identification, buying window qualification, monitoring for trigger events, building familiarity.

MHS Transactions: Mining in Manitoba

Closer to Top Level 5 Hot in-bound leads and referrals. Tip Top Level 6 Highly qualified prospects who are moving into the buying window, due to an immediate need, contract expiration, trigger event, or budgetary period. These are the highest priority and should be at the top of your daily prospecting list. The most expensive thing you can do in sales is spend your time with the wrong prospect. Fanatical prospectors believe they are the CEO of their own territory.

Persistent and consistent daily prospecting. Call, email, voice mail, leave a card, etc to build familiarity. The most powerful and direct path to familiarity is a referral or introduction. Develop a disciplined systematic process for asking for referrals. The secret to generating referrals:.

Networking When networking always remember this. Nobody cares about you or what you have to say, they want to talk about themselves. Following-up after networking events is the key to anchoring your new relationships and familiarity. Personal Branding People buy you. Public speaking is powerful method for meeting people and prospects. You can easily get speaking engagements. Organizations like the chamber of commerce, rotary club, trade organizations and other business and civic groups are always looking for guest speakers.

All you have to do is volunteer. Social selling is time consuming and intellectually draining. Social selling is not selling. Connecting Send a social media connection request immediately after meeting a new prospect. Use LinkedIn. No one wants to be pitched. Prospects meet with you for their reasons, not yours.

Prospecting messages are not complex, do not over complicate. Fanatical prospectors exude confidence.

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Which is why they are so successful at opening doors others believe are nailed shut. Confidence and enthusiasm are the two most powerful and persuasive non-verbal messages you send to prospects. References to Presence by Amy Cuddy on how to improve confidence. Be quick and get to the point.

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Be clear and transparent about your intentions. Your prospecting message must be quick, simple, direct and relevant. A value proposition: a clear statement of tangible results a customer gets from using your products or services. Small business owners like to talk about themselves. Ask for a few minutes to learn more about their business.

This can work like a charm. I thought we could meet so I can spend time learning about you and your restaurant to see if what we offer might be a fit. Book Reference: New Sales. Your power statement must answer:. Give your prospect a good enough reason to meet with you and they will say yes. Research your prospect. Setup google alerts to have information about the company or individual to your inbox. People make decisions based on emotion first, then justify it with logic.

Prospects will only give up time to meet with you because you offer them:. To provide emotional value, consider how your prospects might feel. Nine times out of ten, if you are not getting what you want it is because you are not asking. When you pair the assertive request with a because, the probability of a yes goes even higher. Passive: Is this a good time? Passive: What do you think? When you choose weak, passive words, it sends a message that you lack confidence. Asking directly for what you want makes it easy for your prospect to say yes.

Response rates to phone prospecting are much better than email. Response rates to phone prospecting are increasing. Prospects are getting burned out on impersonal, irrelevant and automated prospecting emails. The phone is your most powerful sales tool. Sales people who ignore the phone fail. Try a one hour time block on the phone with a list of targeted prospects. Have an easy to execute telephone prospecting process.

Nobody likes it; get over it. Your goal is to make your call quick and to the point. Get to the point in 10 seconds or less. Your goal is to get to yes, no or maybe as fast as possible. Only leave a voice mail if you already know the prospect and when it matters. When you leave a voice mail, it has to count. You must make it easier for your prospects to call you back. Transparency is both respectful and professional. Curiosity is a powerful driver of behavior. Keep your voicemail messages to 30 seconds or less.

Have a script ready for addressing RBOs. Scripts are what make politicians and public figures compelling personalities. You must write and practice them. Use turnaround scripts that make you sound authentic, real and confident. Keep them simple so they are easy to remember and repeat. I figured you would be, so I want to find a time that is more convenient for you [disrupting the pattern].

How about we get together next Wednesday at 3 pm instead? When the horse is dead, dismount. Move on. Courage is developed in the presence of fear; not in spite of it. One of the enduring qualities of highly successful people is the ability to turn disappointment, defeat and anger into unmovable determination. Your success in getting through the gate depends on a combination of good manners, like-ability and people savvy. Nothing replaces being in the same room, face to face.

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